Seliar Keratin Energizer 150ml (Keratin Spray) Made in Italy

Seliar Keratin Energizer 150ml (Keratin Spray) Made in Italy
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Seliar Keratin Energizer 150ml (Keratin Spray) Made in Italy
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Seliar Keratin Energizer 150ml (Keratin Spray) This innovative Spray with a Keratin and Argan Oil base. Its the first product that both models and restructures at the same time, it does not contain either silicones or resins. KERATIN - INTERNAL RESTRUCTURING The micro-molecules of Keratin instantly penetrate within the hair structure to restore structure, vitality and energy. ARGAN OIL - EXTERNAL RESTRUCTURING Restores uniformity, brilliance and softness; nourishes hydrates and films the cuticle. NITROGEN - PERFECT SYNERGY a natural element that “bonds” and transfers the Keratin and Argan molecules, enhancing revitalizing and rapid absorbing properties. • RESTRUCTURING • TEXTURISING: • VOLUMIZING: • ILLUMINATING • SOFTENING: restores silky softness for light and easy to manage hair • ANTI-FRIZZ and ANTI-FLYAWAY • DAILY REVITALIZER • PRE-STYLING • POST-STYLING Usage: a) Deep Restructuring Treaatment To repair the damaged hair After shampooing with Seli?r keratin Shampoo, spray Keratin Energizer evenly over towel-dried hair and gently massage to facilitate penetration of Keratin (no leave on time required). Do not rinse off, then apply Seliar Keratin Mask and leaves it for 5-10 min?depending on the degree of restructuring treatment required, rinse off and style as usual. b) PRE-STYLING For longer lasting, natural and voluminous styling effects Lightly spray product over wet/damp hair and seal it with Seliar Keratin Treatment Restructuring Cream,?blow-dry with a soft brush. C) In-between Styling (use on dry hair) Daily redefines, disciplines and keeps hair looking just styled in-between styling. Mist product lightly over dry unwashed hair, blow-dry to redefine. Rapid drying action helps greasy and fine hair maintain the correct natural balance of hydration, eliminates excess sebum. ?Restores natural hydration to dry and frizzy hair.
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