RR LINE 6.31 dark blonde golden ash

Super rich and vibrant colors and maximum long-lasting coverage! Made possible thanks to the colors of the long-lasting Italian hair dye RR Line Color Cream. RR Line Color Cream provides long-lasting brilliant color while protecting the hair and being gentle on the scalp..

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RR LINE 6.31 dark blonde golden ash
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RR LINE 6.3 dark blonde golden

RR Line Crema paint  , thanks to the possibility of mixing different colors with each other, allows you to achieve an endless list of shades that will evenly cover gray strands.

It contains olive oil with strong moisturizing properties, protecting the strands and the scalp against the harmful effects of various factors during and after coloring. After the treatment, it leaves hair full of smoothness, vitality and natural shine.

The dyeing effect is amazingly natural, and with proper care, the color will stay on the hair for a long time.

Before you start coloring, carefully read the information on the packaging. Apply the coloring cream to dry, unwashed hair. During the procedure, use appropriate protective gloves and do not use metal cups.

Permanent colorization:  Covering up to 100% gray hair, Proportion: 1: 1.5, Activator: 10-20-30-40 Vol, Time: 30 to 40 minutes, lightening level: 1-3.

Strong Brightening:  Target Color Confidence, Proportion: 1: 2.5, Activator: 40 Vol, Time: 40 to 50 minutes, Brightness Level: 4.


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