RE+5 Professional Keratin treatment

RE+5 Professional Keratin treatment 6 pieces kit, save up to $24

(Condition Applied) - limit one set per order per account.

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Re+5 Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary hair taming and conditioning treatment that eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair naturally straight, healthy and shine for up to six months depends on the hair type.


1) Formaldehyde free formula: Keratin Treatment conforms with Standards required. It does not contain formaldehyde or its derivatives. The Formaldehyde free formula minimizes  frizz and promote radiant shine, and enhancing the natural waves or curls, it suits for customers who have waves, but wish to enhance & soften the waves and get rid of frizz.   The Formaldehyde free formula is not suitable for light coloured hair as in some cases in can create gold reflects to the hair. 

2) The traditional A formula : minimizes curls and eliminates frizz, leaving the hair naturally wavy (for curly hair) or naturally straight (for wavy hair). it is safe to use on  frizzy, blond, bleached, colored, highlighted or previously relaxed hair. It suit for customers who have waves or curls (medium frizz) and wish to relax the curls and eliminate the frizz.

3) The Traditional B formula:   minimizes curls and eliminates frizz up to 100%, leaving your hair natually straight.  it is save to use on frizzy, blond, bleached, colored, highlighted or previously relaxed hair. It suit for customers who have extremely curly frizzy hair.    

1 x Re+5 Keratin purify shampoo 280ml

1 x Re+5 Keratin Treatment Hair Reconstructor 280ml

( Traditional A, Traditional B or Formaldehyde Free)

1 x Re+5 Keratin Daily Shampoo 280ml

1 x Re+5 Keratin Daily Conditioner 280ml

1 x Re+5 keratin Extend Stabilizing spray 120ml

1 x Cynos Morocco Argan oil 100ml


For professional use only.

Salon professional products only - can be purchased by Salon professionals & hairdressers

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only; avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact occurs, flush eyes with warm water. Do not use on people with sensitive, irritated, or damaged scalp.

Pregnant women and nursing women should avoid treatment.
Perform treatment in a well ventilated room. Install proper air ventilation system in room.
Children under 12 should avoid treatment.
Any client who has allergy problem (eczema, asthma and ect ) should avoid treatment.