1. Seliar Kromatik (Color & bleach protector)


Stronger Bonds. Shinier, Healthier Hair

2. Seliar Luxury

Instant repair the dehydrated, dill and lifeless hair

VITAMINS AND PLANT OILS : Give the new Luxury for your hair

Extra-Hydrating action : Hair is soft, silky , shine and full of life.

3. RE+5 Professional Keratin treatment

Re+5 Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary hair taming and conditioning treatment that eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair naturally straight, healthy and shine for up to six months depends on the hair type.


1) Formaldehyde free formula: Keratin Treatment conforms with Standards required. It does not contain formaldehyde or its derivatives. The Formaldehyde free formula minimizes  frizz and promote radiant shine, and enhancing the natural waves or curls, it suits for customers who have waves, but wish to enhance & soften the waves and get rid of frizz.   The Formaldehyde free formula is not suitable for light coloured hair as in some cases in can create gold reflects to the hair. 

4. Seliar Filler Shampoo

Seliar Filler Shampoo


Collagen & Argan

Product: Filler Effect Shampoo, formulated with Collagen Microspheres, Argan Oil, Linseed Oil and Silk Proteins.

Ideal for: for lifeless, toneless and thinning hair.

pH: 5,5 Fragrance: Pomegranate


• it cleanses gently and provides revitalizing, elasticizing and plumping substances for a thicker, more full bodied and softer hair.

• it gives extraordinary shine, protection and hydration to the hair without weighing it down

Use: apply to wet hair, massage gently, then rinse


5. Echosline Ki-Power Keratinic Shampoo

Echoslimne Ki-Power Keratinic Shampoo 350 ml

Made in Italy

The Keratinic Shampoo (preparer) molecular reconstruction

Ideal for: very damaged, stressed, and very weak hair structures

pH: 5.0-5.5

Fragrance: Passiflora

Active Principles: Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid


• It gently cleanses damaged and lifeless hair

• It restores essential molecules necessary for the internal reconstructing process within the hair structure.

• leaves hair full of elasticity, life and toned.

Use: apply carefully to damp hair, work int a lather and rinse off. Repeat.

6. Seliar LUXURY OIL 100ml


The special formula, enriched with a superb combination of Vitamins and Plant Oils and argan oil,
combines with the Extra-Gloss Technology for a laminated-look shine.
Nourishes the hair in depth without weighing it down, leaving it silky and soft to the touch,
perfect from every angle and impressively light.
1) Directly on the hair as a finishing touch after using the shampoo and mask, for a long-lasting, extra-gloss effect.
Apply a few drops to damp or dry hair.
Absorbs instantly, noneed to rinse.
2) Mixed with any of the Echosline masks to boost shine:
mix three puffs of the oil with 15 ml of mask and proceed as normal.

8. Seliar LUXURY MASK 300ml


The special formula, enriched with a superb combination of
Vitamins and Plant Oils (Indian Fig Oil, Linseed Oil, Argan Oil).
Performs 15 extraordinary actions in just a minute, thanks to the special Extra-Gloss technology.
1. Brings an extraordinary laminated-look shine
2. Nourishes in depth
3. Hydrates intensely
4. Softens the hair without weighing it down
5. Bringsbody and texture to the hair
6. Regenerates the appearance of the hair
7. Disentangles gently
8. Eliminates frizz.
9. Enhances the reflections of color
10. Seals the cuticle
11. Smooths the hair
12. Creates a protective film for the hair
13. Facilitates styling 14. Effective anti-static action
15. Concentrated, instant action Leaves hair full of life, soft to thetouch and with splendid shimmering reflections.
Apply to the lengths and ends of shampooed, towel-dried hair and comb.
Leave on for 1 minute, then rinse.

9. Echosline Ki-Power Keratinic Reconstruction Lotion 250ml

Made in Italy

Keratinic Lotion (concentrated) molecular reconstruction

Ideal for: very damaged, stressed, and very weak hair structures

pH: 5,5

Active principles: Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid


• Its intensive action reconstructs the hair fiber

• Keratin works in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid to fill in the damaged areas, combining perfectly with its molecular structure, completely re-plumping and reconstructing from within

• Hair appears stronger, healthy, reconstructed and more resistant


Spray the lotion section per section, massage from the

ends to the base, cover with a cap and leave on for 5

minutes under heat, if you use a blow dryer to apply heat, add a diffuser attachment to spread that warm air around evenly. Do not rinse off.

Continue the reconstruction program with Ki-Power Mask.


10. Seliar THERAPY

Seliar Therapy is the innovative Echosline Professional System for the treatment of scalp major anomalies based on Essential Oils that act in a synergic and enhanced way to restore the best state of well-being.

11. Seliar Discipline

Seliàr Discipline is the new ANTI-FRIZZ programme, enriched with COCOA and ARGAN OIL, designed to discipline, hydrate and protect frizzy, unruly and rebellious hair and to obtain the SUBLIMELY SMOOTH, in every way possible, with PROGRESSIVE and LONG LASTING RESULTS.