KERAfill Brizillian Keratin Treatment 1000ml

KERAfill Brizillian Keratin Treatment 1000ml - New package for 1 LT pack

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B formula 1000ml

100% straighten curls

Salon professional products only - can be purchased by Salon professionals & hairdressers


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KERAfill Brizillian Keratin Treatment 1000ml
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KERAfill Brizillian Keratin treatment 1000ml - Traditional B formula only

• Minimize frizz, Replenish, Straighten, Moisturize & Add Shine.

 • Rejuvenates Damaged Hair

Volume: 1000ml

The Traditional B formula: Straighten curls 100%

 minimizes curls and eliminates frizz up to 100%, leaving your hair naturally straight. it is save to use on frizzy, blond, bleached, colored, highlighted or previously relaxed hair. It suit for customers who have very curly and frizzy hair.


Product should be applied in a well ventilated area. Fans are recommended for air circulation.

The exclusive hair reconstructor and volume reducer eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair solf, healthy and shine. By using the innovative Brazilian Keratin formula, KERAfill actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. It works on all types of hair.

Directions for use:
1. Shampoo your hair with the KERAfill Keratin Purifying Shampoo, specially formulated anti-residue; The deep clarifying Shampoo to prepare your hair for the optimal treatment result.

2. Blow the hair to 100% dry, divide hair into sections and begin to comb the KERAfill Keratin Brazilian through each section from root to end; lightly dusting each section with the solution.

3. Solution surrounds each hair shaft with protective keratin layers to smooth and relax the cuticle. Allow the hair to absorb solution for 30 minutes.

4. Blow dry to 100% as straight as possible with a flat or round brush.

5. When the hair gets dry, divide the hair into sections and proceed with a flat iron to further straighten the hair. Using a 450°F (230°C) flat iron, start at the nape of the neck, taking 1/8 inch sections. Slowly move the iron from root to ends 5~7 times (7~10 times for extremely curly coarse hair) infusing the Brazilian Keratin Treatment into the hair shaft. For chemically treated damaged hair reduce heat to 430°(200°C).

6. Once complete, you can apply the RE+5 Keratin Extend Spray to further seal in the formulation (optional)

7.  Apply the  KERAfill Keratin Remedy Cream 80ml  on hair, it repairs and recruits moisture to injured hair, extending the sheen and softness to the notable degree. Comb hair well.

8. style as desired.

9. After 3 days or 72 hours (Avoid getting moisture in the hair after treatment during this time, if the hair gets wet, blow dry and go over the hair with flat iron), hair should be washed by KERAfill Keratin Daily Shampoo and Conditioner(Shampoo does not contain Sodium Chloride). You should use KERAfill daily shampoo & conditioner for daily care. Re+5 Argan oil and KERAfill Keratin Remedy Cream 80ml  are prefect after care for Brazilian keratin Treatment.

10. During the 72 hours post keratin treatment you must leave the hair product free, no ponytails, clips, headbands, wearing the hair behind the ears etc as this can cause permanent kinks.

Professional Use Products
Chemical products (i.e. colour tints, developer, lightening powder, permanent straightner, Keratin treatment etc) are suitable for professional use only. You must be a qualified hairdresser or colourist to purchase/use them.

For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only; avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact occurs, flush eyes with warm water. Do not use on people with sensitive, irritated, or damaged scalp.

Pregnant women and nursing women should avoid treatment.

Perform treatment in a well ventilated room. Install proper air ventilation system in room.

Children under 12 should avoid treatment.

Any client who has allergy problem (eczema, asthma and ect ) should avoid treatment.

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