Seliar Kromatik (Coloring & Bleaching ) Protector 21ml tube

Seliar Kromatik (Coloring & Bleaching ) Protector 21ml tube
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Seliar Kromatik (Coloring & Bleaching ) Protector 21ml tube
Brands: Kromatik Kromatik


(Color & Bleach protector) 

100% Made in Italy


Its innovative formula enriched with Amino Acid guarantees Safer technical service (coloring, bleaching, perming), REPLUMPS the hair, while visibly improving its QUALITY, APPEARANCE and CONSISTENCY. 

Principles: 22 Low molecular weight Amino acids, Keratin, ArganOil, SilkProteins, LinseedOil


-Does not require additional steps during the chemical service

-Does not lengthen leave-on time

-Does not change the mixing ratios

-Does not alter the colour result nor the bleaching power

-Does not reduce the powerof grey hair coverage


Add 3.5ml Protector to 50ml of color + 75ml Developer

Add 7ml protector to 20g of Bleach (cream or powder) + 40ml Developer

1)After rinsing the color or the bleach, apply Kromatik Mask to the hair to fix the color and seal the cuticle. Massage and comb. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

2)To fix and stabilize, apply Kromatik Shampoo to wet hair, massage and leave on for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly

3)Place a knob of Kromatik Mask in a non-metallic bowl and mix with 20 ml of warm water. Emulsify with a brush into an even mix, for a smoothing, definitively protective action. Pour the mixture directly from the bowl, spreading it evenly all over the hair, massage and comb one lock at a time.Leave on for 1 min

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