Dust Free Bleaching Powder White 500g refill

Dust Free Bleaching Powder White 500g refill



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Dust Free Bleaching Powder White 500g refill
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Dust Free Bleaching Powder White 500g - Italy Formula

High Lifting

Dust Free - White powder

lifts up to 6 tones

On and off Scalp application

This bleach powder is dust free white bleach.  It is idea for foil highlighs, frosing, bleaching decoloring and all other techniques.  

Can be mixed with Echosline creamy activators.

It is new non-volatile formulation reduces risks of irritation and sensitivity.  It lifts up to 6 tones and can be mixed with Echosline creamy activators.


Depending on the bleaching technique:• Balayages, Foils, Shatush: 1:2

• Sun kisses, Free-hand streaks, Veil highlights: 1: 1,5 o 1:2

•Color removal and color removing washes i: 1:3

Apply it to dry, unwashed hair and rinse it off after max of 45 minutes.

Do not use it for the bleaching of eyebrows or eyelashes!

Use:Please note, on-scalp up to 20 vol.

pour the required amount of powder together with Echosline hydrogen peroxide 7 vol (2.1%), 10 vol (3%), 20 vol (6%), 30 vol (9%) and 40 vol (12%) into a non-metallic container.

Using a brush, apply the product to dry, unwashed hair. Processing time: 10-45 min, until the desired level of lightning is obtained. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo using the most suitable Echosline shampoo.


The powder should be kept out of the reach of children! If it gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with abundant water!

It can cause allergic reactions!

Use protective gloves!

This product is for professional use only. 
Requires a skin sensitivity test prior to use. 


Professional Use Products
Chemical products i.e. colour tints, developer, lightening powder, permanent straightener, Keratin treatment etc are suitable for professional use only.
You need to be a hairdresser or colorist to purchase/use them.
Thank you for your co-operation

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