ECHOS Professional Hair color Cream Application Instruction 

Application Methods

Mixing Hair Color Cream at 1:1.5 with Echos cream hydrogen peroxide will achieve the best result (e.g. 50 ml. of hair cream + 75 ml of Echosline cream hydrogen peroxide).

Have to use the digital scale to measure & weight the colours and developers.  Otherwise the end result is not perfect.  


The Superighteners series must be mixed at ratio of 1:2 (e.g. 50 ml. of hair cream + 100 ml. of Echosline cream hydrogen peroxide at 40 vol)

S12.0 is the master supelightener booster, it boots all other superlighteners to reach the best result.

Suggest to mix S12.1, S12.2, S12.31or S12.7 (1/3) with base S12.0 (2/3) to achieve the best result.

(e.g 10ml of S12.1 + 30ml of S12.0 + 80ml of 40V)


Echosline Blue Bleaching powder is mixed 1:1.5 or 1:2 with Developer


Coloring Virgin Hair  (depending on base color)

Level of Lift       Mix               Developer                             Time

0 to 1           1:1.5                 3% (10)         20-30 mins

1 to 2           1:1.5                6 % (20)          30 to 40 mins

2 to 3           1:1.5                9% (30)           40 to 50 mins

3 to 4           1:1.5               12%  (40)         50 mins            

Apply color 3 cm from scalp to ends then apply to roots.


Developing time:

Standard coloring: 30 -50 min.  Heat activated: 10 min + `20 min room temperature.   Lift series up to 50 min.    Bleaching powder up to 45min


Grey hair coverage  

All Echos colour creams (except toner & superlighteners) cover grey 100% without adding any natural base shades (1.0 – 10.0).

Mixing ratio : 1 part of colours and 1.5 parts of 10V, 20v, 30V or 40V.


0 – 100% White Hair

Mix all Echos colour with developer (except toners, and superlighteners) with developer by mixing ration 1:1.5 for 100% coverage.

You do not need to mix the fashion shades with natural base shades. 

Optional: Use of 10, 20, 30 or 40volume peroxide: 1part of color and 1.5 part of peroxide.


For difficult resistant grey hair.

1/3 Natural Extra shade (33.0 – 88.0) + 2/3 Fashion shade for 100% coverage and color hold.

Use of 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume peroxide: 1part of color and 1.5 part of peroxide. 

This will be dependent on the color effect you are creating. 

The Natural intense shades are strong in pigmentation (cooler natural), suggest to use one shade lighter to mix with fashion shades:

Eg: 30g of 6.32 + 10g of 77.0 + 60g of 20V.(if natural base is level 5). 

Apply color to hairline first and then apply color along the part line to intensify processing in these areas, if the hair is resistant.


First time application

Apply the colour mix to dry hair, starting at a distance of 1 cm from the root area, and along lengths and tips, leave on for 20 minutes. Prepare fresh colour and apply to the roots, leave on for 25/30 minutes 

Touch Up regrowth 

Apply color to re-growth, time for 25-30 minutes,   and then apply through to mid lengths and ends, up to 20 minutes. 

Lifting Blondes

Use 20V, 1 part color to 1.5 parts developer if your hair already blonde and you are lifting it only one to two shades.  Those with Dark Blonde and Light Brown hair will need to mix with 30v or 40v peroxide.  Always consider the underlying pigment when coloring lighter and the amount of pigment to create your desire result.  

Toning Blonde

Use 10V 1 part of color and 2 parts developer. 

Apply on damp towel dried hair, process for 10 min to achieve desire tones. 

Seal you’re your toned color with good quality conditioner.

For vibrant fashion tones use 1 part color to 1 part developer. 

When using Echos Color, for tone on tonecolouring and as a toner on damaged hair we recommend that the cream is diluted at the following ratio 1+2 with the cream activator at 7V (2.1%).


The Echosline toners have been formulated to reach excellent results on totally decoloured and bleached hair, contrasts, sun-kissed effects, balayages, and contrasts.



This series is used to lighten hair up to 5 shades without bleaching.

It is a kinder alternative to bleaching hair.

The Superlighteners have the added bonus of also colouring hair at the same time.

Super lighters Suit for natural base from Level 6 and above without too much red or orange pigment.  For natural base colours from level 1 – 5 will need to be bleached and then toned. 

Mixing Ratio:  1 + 2 ( 60 ml x  Superlightener  +  120 ml x 40 Volume Peroxide) 

5 new Superlightener colorsm S12.0, S12.1, S12.2, S12.31, S12.7

• tone down the following highlights presents in natural hair color red (S12.1), orange (S12.2) and yellow (S12.7).

• S12.0 --- Boosts all the other superlighteners to reach a highly cosmetic color result. 

Suggest to mix S12.1, S12.2, S12.31or S12.7 (1/3) with base S12.0 (2/3) to achieve the best result.